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Switchfoot is bringing the Looking For America tour to Oklahoma City! With special guest Reliant K, the Diamond Ballroom will rock on November 11! Tickets

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Go “Into The Ocean” with Blue October! The hit-making band from the mid 2000s will be at Diamond Ballroom in November Tickets

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M83 is coming to Oklahoma! Catch this exciting new electro-pop rock band in Tulsa on October 5! Tickets

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The Struts are coming back to Oklahoma City! Catch the most exciting retro-pop rock band in the world at the Diamond Ballroom in October! Tickets

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Dirty Heads is coming to OKC! Catch the band behind the hit single “That’s All I Need” at the Diamond Ballroom Tickets

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TOUR DE COMPADRES was founded in 2015 by American rock ’n’ roll band NEEDTOBREATHE. The inaugural tour stopped at over 40 cities across the nation and brought together friends and Compadres Ben Rector, Switchfoot, Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors and Colony House. Selling out the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheater, Greek Theatre, Ascend Amphitheatre and others coast-to-coast, where can i buy isotretinoin for acne

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Multi-platinum selling emo punk band Marianas Trench is coming to Diamond Ballroom for the SPF 80s tour! With guests Skylar Stecker and Saint Loretto. About Marianas Trench: Since their 2006 debut, Fix Me, the Vancouver, BC-based four piece have had two Certified Platinum-selling records (Masterpiece Theatre, Ever After), chart topping hits including ‘Fallout,’ ‘Haven’t Had isotretinoin online pharmacy